I am the Winston Wolfe of GOVERNANCE.
I solve BOARD problems.

“Winston Wolfe is the master of clean up. He is the consummate gentleman. He immediately sizes up the potentially disastrous situation, formulates a workable plan, and most importantly, provides calm, clear leadership to pull everyone together quickly and powerfully. The Wolfe is on retainer. The people he works for understand his value. He gets pleasure out of his ability to do what he does exceptionally well. He takes his work seriously, and at the same time keeps his perspective and sense of humor. Winston Wolfe is a master.”
This post originally published by Alex Satin, 2 May 2008.

“I’m Winston Wolfe. I solve problems.”
– Pulp Fiction, 1994


I can help make your board better. A well-functioning board saves time and money and makes people happier. Think of Linda for:


If you’ve got more to do than you’ve resources to do it, consider Linda as part of your capacity building strategy:

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