Linda Wood Edwards

I believe in fairness, fun, and sharing what I’ve learned with the people who make this planet a great place to live. I do many things, I know many things, I am many things, and I am keen to keep learning right along side you.

In 1999 I cherry-picked what I liked most about my careers to date (which were varied and interesting) and started my own company. The “LUE” in LUE-42 Enterprises stands for Life, the Universe, and Everything – and the answer to that is 42 (trust me).* It may be hard to pigeon-hole what I do, but when I tap into the whole bundle of skills and experiences on your behalf, I’m pretty effective.

  • Over 30 years working with boards as a director, executive director/CEO, corporate secretary, and governance advisor
  • Speaker/facilitator for conferences as well as the internationally recognized Directors Education Accreditation Program
  • Award winning playwright and international theatre producer
  • Chartered Governance Professional, Certified Association Executive, Certified Funeral Celebrant
  • Degree in business administration and certificates in human resources management, program evaluation, and leadership
  • Huge fan of the Canadian Football League
  • Author of “Exceptional Board Members, Exceptional Boards” and “Understanding Bylaws: A Guide for Directors of Not-for-Profit Organizations”. Order form here: word, pdf.

    * with fond acknowledgement to Douglas Adams, late author of The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

You’ll be so glad you met me.



.30-30.: Rapid Fire Association Lessons From 30 Years in The Trenches: