Linda Wood Edwards
You'll be so glad you met me
We believe in helping others, in fairness, in fun, and in giving something back to this great planet and those who inhabit it. We do many things, we know many things, and we are many things. We work with you to find good solutions to complex situations.
When facilitating or training, I bring a safe and fair process bundled with independence, objectivity, and humour to help solve problems or alleviate awkward situations.
Excerpt from a real conversation with a client:
Corporate Executive: I really enjoyed watching you work with my staff.
Linda: Can you please discribe exactly what I did that was so effective?
Corporate Executive: No, but we definitely want you to do it again, You're great at it!
Whatever I'm doing - writing, speaking, or consulting - I produce the results you want and because of that I produce friends, colleagues, and customers for life.
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Linda Wood Edwards

I believe in fairness, fun, and sharing what I’ve learned with the people who make this planet a great place to live. I do many things, I know many things, I am many things, and I am keen to keep learning right along side you.

In 1999 I cherry-picked what I liked most about my careers to date (which were varied and interesting) and started my own company. The “LUE” in LUE-42 Enterprises stands for Life, the Universe, and Everything – and the answer to that is 42 (trust me).* It may be hard to pigeon-hole what I do, but when I tap into the whole bundle of skills and experiences on your behalf, I’m pretty effective.

  • Over 30 years working with boards as a director, executive director/CEO, corporate secretary, and governance advisor
  • Speaker/facilitator for conferences as well as the internationally recognized Directors Education Accreditation Program
  • Award winning playwright and international theatre producer
  • Chartered Governance Professional, Accredited Director , Certified Association Executive, Certified Funeral Celebrant
  • Chief Examiner for Corporate Governance with the Chartered Governance Institute in Canada
  • Huge fan of the Canadian Football League
  • Author of “Exceptional Board Members, Exceptional Boards” and “Understanding Bylaws: A Guide for Directors of Not-for-Profit Organizations”. Order form here: pdf.

    * with fond acknowledgement to Douglas Adams, late author of The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

You’ll be so glad you met me.


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